Prayer #2 What Is Prayer – a

Sunday December 17, 2017

What we give is our expression of love unto Him. Luke 2:26, favor meaning grace with God. Pastor Sydney questions, “How do you comprehend something so big of what the angle is saying?” It was a word for her and to her. 2 Corinthians 8, it’s talking about money. Being rich is not limited to money.  Philippians 4:192 Corinthian 9, as you sow you will reap. God respects faith. James 5:13, why pray? It will bring you into the presence of the Almighty. Hebrews 11:6. In order to please Him you have to believe that there is a God and that you believe He rewards those who seek Him. Luke 5:16 and John 5:19Jesus often withdrew himself to pray. In the time of prayer with God revelation is given. Luke 9:28-31, Pastor Sydney read from. Things are revealed to Jesus what was going to happen. The problem is our stinking thinking. We get a religious mindset of what prayer is and causes prayer to become a drudgery. It is important that we hear correctly. Prayer is Communion with God. He has the answers for you and prayer was created to have a relationship with you. What makes a healthy relationship as when there is dialogue. Pastor Sydney talks about Jesus drove man and beast out of the temple. Jesus is always love but, He is not always cuddles. The temple represented what you and I are. The market was created for the people to be able to travel without having to travel with the animals or having concern about the things that might happen to them along the way. The intention was that the people would be provided for so that they could come and have something to sacrifice. The problem was that they brought everything inside. Jesus wasn’t upset that they were buying and selling animals. He was upset that they had ruin the atmosphere meaning, the reverence of God. He wouldn’t permit anyone to walk through there. Today we would call Him religious or judgemental. What was His motivation? It all had to come back to that it is to be a house of prayer. Prayer is talking with God. Jesus is always with you. The priest would inspect the lamb and not the person. Jesus does the same. Carry in your heart an awareness of God’s presence and know that He is good. God knows the most that we should allow Him to talk the most. Often we are the ones doing all the talking. Pastor Sydney encourages us to go be in prayer with the Lord and to commune with Him.