Prayer #1 Why Pray

Sunday December 10, 2017

Pastor Sydney read from Matthew 25:31, He judge them on their works and not their salvation. Matthew 25:40, talking about what the sheep and goat did for the Body of Christ. Pastor Sydney talks about prayer. 1) What is prayer? Prayer is a two way conversation or communion with God the Father. James 5:13 was read from. Let’s not be too quick to put the responsibility of prayer on others. In James 5:16, talks about earnest heart felt prayer. Pastor Sydney encourages us to think about why we should pray. Pastor Sydney references Hebrews 112) Why are people not praying? Because people believe that there is no God. Pastor Sydney read from James 4:8. Believe that He is real, He is, and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him. Pastor Sydney read from John 15:5, reshaping or retooling. The Holy Spirit is the tool placed within us. Luke 5:16, Jesus found necessity to pray like this. Pastor Sydney questioned why is that we don’t pray how He did? Pastor Sydney referenced Mark 1:35 and Luke 3:21Luke 6:12, we want revival. However, we are not putting in the time of prayer and working for it. We get lazy or think we know enough. Pastor Sydney referenced Luke 9:18, Luke 9:28, and John 5:19,30.  Pastor Sydney talked about How Dan Stoltzfus prayed for people everyday and now has gone on to be with the Lord. Pastor Sydney encourages us to pray and talks about the influence Dan had in Jim and Deb Wolfs’ lives through his prayers for them everyday!