My Testimony of the Goodness of the Lord

Saturday October 25, 2014

Pastor Demeke shared the testimony of his life before Christ and after Christ. Psalm 31:21. His father died when he was three years old, and he lived with his mother and three siblings. A communist military government that took over his country captured and tortured young students who were against their government. Demeke told of the torture and imprisonment for fourteen months that he and others endured. After being transferred to another prison, he was released and went home. He went to high school and college. He and some friends escaped to a neighboring Muslim country, going through a desert to get there. He attempted to commit suicide several times, not knowing why he was alive. He started drinking and doing drugs UNTIL one night when a voice came into his spirit to follow Jesus. The voice came again and again. He kneeled down and tried to pray. He saw the suffering Jesus on the cross looking directly at him. He wept and screamed, because Jesus’ love came into his heart. He kneeled for hours on the concrete floor. He understood that Jesus took his punishment. HIS NEW LIFE BEGAN. He had extreme peace and joy! His old habits were gone! He was thirsty and hungry for the Word, but it was hard to find a Bible. God started training and protecting him. God sent a backslidden Christian to pray with him. He saw that God was his provider. Psalm 37:25 says that He does not forsake the righteous. God opened a door for him to be a cook at the American Embassy. The Lord told him to give his paycheck to Him, all of it, which he obeyed. He told of how the Lord miraculously multiplied spaghetti for them. GOD IS THE PROVIDER! Revival broke out from that land. They prayed and fasted and the Holy Spirit came in where they were meeting. It literally rained in the room, and they were filled with and prayed in the Holy Spirit. Young people were attracted to them, but there was persecution. No Christian church was allowed, so they had to meet underground. GOD IS OUR PROTECTOR! Psalm 34:7. They were threatened to be deported. They prayed until the process was over. The officials came, but they never touched them! Then God spoke the impossible. He told them to get out of the country. God told them to go to the Ethiopian Embassy. Even though that wasn’t possible, he obeyed. Whereas others waited months to get in, the gatekeeper let him come right in. He had favor at another door and was told to come back with a photo ID. When he did, he got his passport. He and his later-to-be-wife prayed. He was to get his vaccination, but the Lord also told him to go to the post office. When he went there, there were two envelopes with money for him. God provides! He was able to get a Visa to go to Kenya (more provision), and a miracle happened there, which he didn’t tell about. He married Waguyu. God told him they would have three children and what their names were to be. He told him to go to the American Embassy, and there more favor was given, allowing them to come to the United States. Luke 1:71; Psalm 107:7; Psalm 107:29. God saves us from our enemies, guides us by His Holy Spirit, and takes us to the desired place. Don’t doubt Jesus. He is the real deal.