Overcoming Fear: Resting in His Word- Aug 24

Sunday August 24, 2014

Psalm 91 belongs to us and tells us that we do not need to fear any evil. The first person mentioned having his part in the lake of fire in verse 8 of Revelation 21 is the coward (Revelation 21:6-8). The other sins named are based on fear. Ask yourself what you are expecting? Are you in fear or in faith? A spirit of fear will grow on you if you yield to it. Fear is a spirit. We are a spirit. The spirit of faith is not knowledge. We are to operate in it. The Spirit of Christ is the spirit of faith. What do we do with fear? #1) We resist it. #2) We replace it with the Word of God. Fear is so pervasive that it can become a basis of what we do. Ask God to show you where you have been operating in a spirit of fear. Root out fear! It is our responsibility to walk in faith. Rest, taking hold of His Word and promises.