Saturday October 8, 2022

There was a communion service. Text: Matthew 6:1-6, 16; Matthew 17:19-21. Jesus taught us to be persistent in prayer. References to fasting: Daniel 9:3; Acts 10:30; Acts 13:1-3. In Matthew 6 Jesus taught people how to give to the poor, to pray, and to fast, by doing them in secret and God’s rewarding them. When trying to cast out a demon in a boy, the disciples discovered that they needed to fast and pray to get rid of their unbelief. Jesus lived a fasted and prayer life. There are many kinds of fasts. The purpose of fasting is to affect you and to provide for spending time with the Lord. It means you can do something with the Lord. It does NOT give you more authority or power. It gives you the ability to say “no” to your flesh. Being S(s)pirit-led means your flesh is not your decider. The more you do something, the easier it gets to yield to it. We can become more spirit-led. The answer to fleshiness is to serve others (Mark 9:33-35). Fasting is a form of self-humbling (Psalm 35:13). The humble get the grace. Fasting is so that you serve others and do the work of the kingdom. Comfort zones are deadly. Show your flesh that it is not the boss (Isaiah 58:1-14). Seek God’s kingdom. Be ready for service (Luke12:31-38). Fasting will help you pray according to His will. Pastor Syd encouraged everyone to fast up to the election. His prayer requests were: 1) Pray for the Lord’s direction for church planting in Virginia and Connecticut (A word was given for houses, buildings, and arenas.); 2) Pray for doors to open and supernatural connections; 3) Pray for financial provision to plant churches (buildings and an airplane); 4) Pray for revival in our own church and our own lives; 5) Pray for an awakening of evangelism in our church and our personal lives. Pastor Syd shared about the purchase of an airplane.