My People Are the Prophet Over Their Own Lives

Friday January 14, 2011

Prov. 18:20, 21 tells us about the power of the tongue for life and death Release the Word of God into the atmosphere. Mark 11:12-23. How do we speak life? By putting the Word in your heart, saying it, believing it, and guarding your heart. In Rom. 4:9 we learn that Abraham called thing that didn’t exist as though they did. Heb. 11:3 the worlds were framed by the Word of God. Be persistent and don’t draw back. We have a voice of authority. Yield to God. Job 22:21-28. We live by God’s words. Get to know Him and put His words in your heart. Ask Him what needs to come out of your heart. God assumes you will do what you say. Allow God’s two-edged sword to separate the flesh. You can’t drag your past into your future. Bob shares some personal testimonies and speaks out declarations.