Miracles By Faith

Sunday July 27, 2014

Message is similar to July 26, but is condensed. Pastor Syd has found three conditions in the miracles he has seen in his own life. They are: #1 Having a great desire or desperation; #2 Finding the Word of God concerning your situation; and #3 Releasing your faith by speaking it out and acting on it. Luke 18:1-8 tells about persistent faith. The trial of your faith is patience, the lapse of time until you see the manifestation. The gospel is the power of God (Romans 1:16-19). We will press in when we see God as our only source, and we don’t back off of it. Pastor Syd shares how he believed God for a set of new tires and how God provided for them without his sharing the need with anyone else. We have God’s thoughts, and He has revealed the deep things to His people. Find the will of God for your situation by getting His Word on it, and then you can pray according to it. Don’t be money-led. His power is in His Word, and when you take it like a pill, it releases His power and faith. Pastor Syd relates how the Lord supernaturally told him to which school to send his son. In Luke 17:11-19 the ten lepers were cleansed because they were desperate and acted on Jesus’ word to go to the priest. The one leper who returned to thank Jesus was saved and made whole – spirit and body (sozo). Pastor Syd demonstrated point #3 by the supernatural way God took care of their need for their house after the economic crash in 2008. In Acts 14:7-10 a lame man heard the gospel, had faith that could be seen, and then released that faith by acting on it by leaping up and walking. You can stand on the Word, because it will work for you. Release your faith by speaking and acting as though it is true.