Marriage Seminar: Glue Conference

Saturday April 9, 2011

Patty tells how to to fight fair in a marriage. 1) Don’t remain silent, but talk through conflicts. 2) Learn to fight in a healthy, understanding way. 3) Be a peace-maker. 4) Don’t involve other people in your conflicts. 5) Don’t be historical. 6) Don’t find fault and blame your spouse. Paul taught on wedding crashers. 1) Unrealistic expectations. 2) Different priorities and goals. 3) In-laws. 4) (Extra-marital) affairs. 5) Not appreciating your spouse’s God-given personality. 6) Influence of birth order. 7) Growing apart rather than growing together. Patty shared about wedding builders: appreciation of and valuing of your spouse: completing each other, not competing with each other, and encouraging each other. Focus on your spouse’s good points. Paul taught on how a man can meet his wife’s emotional needs: #1 Build up her self-esteem. (A woman needs to hear her husband say these 10 things: You are beautiful. You’re a great lover. You’re so smart. You’re my best friend. You’re the most important person to me. How much money do you need for shopping? You’re the only one for me. I’d be lost without you. You’re funny. I love you. #2 Make her laugh and have a sense of humor. #3 Surprise her with good surprises often. #4 Pray together. Paul ended the session by reminding everyone to pray, focusing on the power of the cross as a place of forgiveness, healing, and reconciliation.