Love Like The Father (part 3) Choosing Love

Sunday July 9, 2017
Message from the Lord through Larry Hostetter

Sometimes we use that name that seems to mean nothing. But that name is above every name. That name does have power. When the anointing power of the Holy Spirit is in upon you there is great power, there is great authority. The devil’s kingdom shakes. The devil’s kingdom moves. It’s not just because of the name of Jesus. It is because of the power in back of the name Jesus spoken by you through the Holy Spirit. He is God. The great and awesome three in one, in who there is none like. Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess Jesus Christ is Lord. His glory and His love and His compassion for you. His children we cannot conceive it in our minds because it is by the Spirit. It is when that Holy Spirit comes upon you to do great and mighty things for Him. You will see the devil move. You will see His glory come, because He has not changed. He is King, Lord creator, and God above every god. He is above every king and He shall come. He shall rule and reign. His name is great and mighty and holy, our God was in the beginning and shall be in the end. Hallelujah give Him praise! He is faithful and He is true.

Intro to Main Message
Let’s walk in the authority that we’ve been given. Not halfheartedly or as an after thought. It is our leading thought, which is the name of Jesus. The problems that you are up against, bet there is a name to it. Use the name of Jesus whatever situation you are in. Declare victory over that situation. Remember Jesus is risen. Victory is yours. 

Prayer for planting seed and having the opportunity to do so had been prayed for. He also prayed for people to have dreams.

Intro Continued

Pastor Sydney talked about taking his children to their piano lesson and had determine that he’ll go suffer for Jesus and also get a treat at Dairy Queen. Pastor Sydney mentioned that we constantly have opportunities to be a blessing. At Dairy Queen he had the prompting to go pray for a young  in a cast and had believed God might heal him. [Then the other thoughts flooded in] he had thought to himself that after eating his blizzard he would go over and pray for the young man. The young man goes to leave and Pastor Sydney approaches the young man and realizes that he had missed the opportunity to plant a seed.  Pastor Sydney mentioned that we need to live a life of repentance and repented to the Lord and asked for another opportunity to come. The Lord had opened up the door for another opportunity and allowed Pastor Sydney to love on an older gentle who just so happen to have turned eighty-seven years old that day. Towards the end of their conversation, God had him bless the gentleman with money. At first the man did not want to take it but Pastor Sydney insisted that he did and that it was a gift from the Lord. “God is not a God of just enough He is a God of way more than enough”. He is a God of abundance. Offering is not something that collect to pay the light bill but it is a lifestyle that we are to live. The place to live is where He is our reward.

Pastor Sydney read from Psalm 91.

Update on Carson

The insulin need continues to decrease. Carson’s pancreas has come back to life and his liver is being healed. God has been giving Pastor Sydney and Jen wisdom as to what is going on in Carson’s body and shares that with the medical staff. There will be less and less insulin need until Carson no longer needs it and the doctors would start to question what is going on in his body, which is what Pastor Sydney spoke out would happen. When Carson was first diagnosed they were told that no one had ever been healed of diabetes and Pastor Sydney mentioned that it would be a miracle when it does happen. However, going into see the specialist he was given wisdom not to share with the specialist what they think is going on in Carson’s body. The medical staff just don’t understand it and have been trying to guess and figure out what is going on. Pastor Sydney mentioned, “I want you to be encouraged because you too can walk in this same way.”

Guest Speaker-Sky and Noelle Barkley

At the evening service Sky will be speaking about Free Burma Rangers. Main goal is to help the people and to walk in His obedience. Sky spoke about what he has witnessed car bombings and killings of women and children. Sky mentioned that he sees what the devil is doing but he also sees what the Lord is doing. God is so much more powerful than Isis and He so much more powerful than satin.

Main Message

Love like the father. We are told to be imitators of God. Love is what motivates God. Everything that He does is out of love. Pastor Sydney mentioned that love is not warm and squishy bubble wrap that people make it out to be. Love is a full spectrum. Part of love is judgement but we do not have to pay the price of the judgement. John 13:34 and John 3:16 what was read out of; the love for one another and how God gave up His only begotten son was talked about. The people were perishing so it needed a solution and the only solution was for Him to give up His only son for the people that didn’t Love Him.

What is eternal life? People of the congregation responded with blessing, never ending, knowing God. John 17, when Jesus was talking to the father. This is eternal life that they may know the only true God. Back then intimacy was the term used when talking about sexual intercourse.That term is not used so much in that sense but does give a deeper scope of knowing God in an intimate and personal level is the eternal life. “Eternal life is a relationship, not just a destination,” mentioned by Pastor Sydney.  He also talks about how heaven should not be looked at as a destination but a reality. What happens in heaven is how we should be praying what happens here on Earth. Pray God’s will just like it is in heaven. “‘Greatest expression of love is giving,'” said by Kieth Moore. No where does it say that God had feelings of love. It is that He had compassion. Romans 5:6, relationship with us is what God is after. Even when we were in opposition of God He still reaches out to us. God did not have feelings of love. God has got a vision and He sees beyond the state of enemies. Love is an action It is a choice. A choice to take a set of actions. We know that God loves us because He gave. Don’t be single minded, you can choose to give gifts or to give of you time for an example.  If God is willing to love you while you are His enemy just think of what He would do with you as His son or daughter. If we are going to love like the Father we need a greater understanding of how He loves. We cannot give something we do not have. In looking out our culture today love is viewed as a feeling. Where people fell in love and then fell out of love. When in actuality it is something entirely different, it is lust or love of the flesh. But you as a spirit lead individual can choose to walk in love fully, if you choose to give that there is a high probability that the feelings will follow. Especially in a marriage relationship. “So don’t act in response to your feelings allow your feelings to come in response to your actions”.

Sky Barkley had come forward and shared his testimony of when he first experienced conviction and had compassion and love for another person as he worked as a bouncer. Then decided that being a bouncer was not for him.

Pastor Sydney mentioned that you have to choose to yield to love. Even on the days you do not feel like loving, choose to love. Pastor Sydney shared about a time when he and his wife had to face some opposition from his own family when he first started a church in Colorado. Terrible things had been said and initially his flesh didn’t like what was being said or going on and wanted to respond in such a way, but chose not to. Instead he chose to speak God’s word with quoting scriptures. Although in the mist of things Pastor Sydney did not want confrontation and had faced fear. On the inside the end result was compassion. 1 John 4:7, verse is one of the many verses that is special to Pastor Sydney. We have not had a correct understanding of what love is. Love drives condemnation out. For we are as He is in this world. Ephesians 2:6 was read out of. Pastor Sydney talks about how we are seated with the Father. There is no remembrance of any of the wrong doing a person has done. In His eyes we are perfect. Talking about our spiritual being. We do have to continue to work on being more like Him. The one who loves God must also love his brother. How do you truly love someone? You give. How do you truly show hatred towards someone? You take from them. God loves justice. We have a civil government and laws in place to reward those that do good and punish those that do evil. Pastor Sydney talks about being concerned with the individual. When someone does wrong to you individually to turn the other cheek when you are being taken advantage of. What pleases God? Faith and obedience. God is love. We look like Him and smell like Him. Psalm 91.