Love Connection to Faith Activation

Sunday May 16, 2010
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Faith works by love. Faith pushes your love into operation. I Thess. 3:12, 13 – May God make us increase and abound in love to one another and to all. We are God’s material, and He is transforming us every day. If your prayers aren’t being answered, check up on your love-walk. John 15:12- It’s God commandment that we love one another as He loved us and that we lay down our life for our friends. Faith without works is dead. The earmark (a mark on the ear by which sheep are known) is our love. Gal. 5:13 and 14 tell us by love to serve one another and to love our neighbor as ourselves. Other scriptures: Rom. 13:8-10; Phil. 1:3-11; I John 4:8, 16, 17; I Cor. 13. God is love, and His love is in our hearts by the Holy Spirit. Make I Cor. 13 a part of your life in every part of your life.