Look to God As Your Source

Sunday February 26, 2017

God is holy. This is the season of answered prayer. In the book of Revelation, the angels, elders, and living creatures worship God for He is holy. [There was a tongue and interpretation about how precious you are to Him, no matter what is going on in your life and heart. He has called you. His blood covers you. He is preparing you to walk in His holiness and His blessing. Jesus stands with you. Continue to walk in His Word, truth, and the Holy Spirit. Do you know Him? He is real and alive and He speaks to you. Jesus sent His Holy Spirit to live in you. God lives in you. May you know the goodness of God. He puts a hunger in you for His Word. Go and be Jesus to others. The anointing lives in you.] [Shane shared about his knowing that God’s hands were holding his during the worship time. God was saying, “I love you,” and Shane was experiencing the glory of God. Pastor Syd said that Shane’s feet will go to the nations whose names he does not even know how to pronounce.] Pastor Syd shared that this morning he made a special request to the Lord, asking for His Presence to be known and to take over the service. Offering sermon: Jesus asked the disciples how many loaves they had in Mark 8:1-21. Where Jesus’ compassion is, the need is met. He wants to work with what you have already. Jesus told all of the multitude to sit down. Order comes before increase. Know your finances. Jesus did what the Father told Him to do in faith. When He fed over five thousand men, twelve small baskets were left. When He fed four thousand men, seven large baskets were left, baskets the size for a person to fit into. Jesus redeems us from stupid with His wisdom. Right after the miracle of feeding the huge crowd, the Pharisees met them. The disciples forgot to bring enough bread. Their minds were stuck in a natural problem. Jesus did not want the disciples to be spiritually misled. Jesus was saying, “I am your source. Stop limiting yourself to your resources.” God is your source. Look at God and obey Him, and then rest in faith. When you give an offering to the Lord, do what He tells you to do. Have compassion. Pastor Syd shared a powerful testimony of how He provided for their recent medical costs. [Levi Lapp shared about collecting baby clothes and items for them to take along with them to an orphanage in Guatemala.]