Living Under An Open Heaven Part 2

Sunday October 24, 2010

Pradeep uses the miracle of the five loaves and two fishes in Mark 6:30-41 as an example of expecting the miraculous, an open heaven. #1 If we want an open heaven, we have to go after Jesus and position ourselves for Him to come. Jairus was desperate for his daughter and went after Jesus. Are you going after Jesus? Seek God with all of your heart and be passionate for Him. #2 We must experience the love of God. Rom. 5:5 tells us that love works through the Holy Spirit. God loves and cares for you. #3 As we are passionate for Him, we will position ourselves, and He will have compassion on us. God knows our needs, and He knows what’s on the inside of your heart. God is always wanting to do miracles in our lives, and He will give us opportunities for them, but do we give space for the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is the one who does miracles. What is in your hands? Give it to Jesus, no matter how small, and He will bring increase and multiplication and rend open the heavens for you (Is. 61). He releases the miracle when we release whatever we need to surrender and yield to Him. Blessing means the hand of God comes and empowers your life. Let Jesus come into your “boat” or home and life, and there will be fruitfulness. Give Jesus space. Get hungry for Him- that’s where revival is. Want more of Him.