Lifestyle of Praise

Sunday May 20, 2018
Pastor Sydney Ropp had talked about various words in Hebrew with talking about praise:
Shabach– To properly address in a loud tone

Toda– Extension of the hand

Tehillim– Singing a hymn of praise

Zamar– To strike a stringed instrument with your fingers

Yadah– To hold out the hand

Barak– To kneel in worship

Halal– To be clear, to shine, to boast, not hidden

Pastor Sydney mentioned sometimes we come into service and we are slow to enter into worship and praise. We don’t feel like it because of the cares of the world or burdens that we carry. Our feelings should not not dictate our actions. Love is not a feeling, it is a choice. You have to put in what is of the Lord so that what is of the Lord comes out.
Pastor Sydney referenced multiple bible verses:
Psalm 33     Psalm 46     Psalm 63:1     Psalm 66     Psalm 34     Psalm 81     Psalm 95     Psalm 98     Psalm 100     Psalm 103     Psalm 108     Psalm 111     Psalm 113     Psalm 117     Psalm 134     Psalm 135     Psalm 146     Psalm 147     Psalm 150
Praise is present and lovely. Think about when we should praise, where we should praise Him, and why we are going to praise Him!