Lifestyle of Praise Part 7

Sunday August 12, 2018

Pastor Sydney mentioned that we should have a habit of praise. Praise the Lord everywhere you go. 1) When should we praise Him. 2) Where we should praise Him. 3) Why we should praise Him. 3) What praising the Lord looks like. Pastor Sydney mentioned that we should not praise our problems. To not magnify the problem. Praise or bragging, thanksgiving, and worship are things that should be included in praising. Pride will not allow you to be thankful. Pastor Sydney mentioned that without God he is nothing. Pride doesn’t want us to acknowledge the Father. Humility is knowing who you are without Him and who you are with Him. Humility is a thankful person. Pastor Sydney read Psalms 18:146 and Psalms 30:1. Acknowledge the Lord for what He did. Thank the Lord for your healing.  Be grateful for what you have. A selfish is someone who is not thankful. Pastor Sydney read out of Psalms 103. We don’t give thanks for what we don’t deserve. We don’t give thanks for things we don’t remember. He renews, he heals, and He satisfies. Pastor Sydney read from Psalms 50, unrighteousness will suppress the truth. Pastor Sydney mentioned not to look to your job as the source. Don’t look to the doctors as your healer.

Tithe Message
Psalms 146:6
Psalms 147:10
Take delight in your resources. Steadfast love equals His kindness. He delights in you expecting Him.