Lifestyle of Praise Part 6

Sunday July 22, 2018

Pastor Sydney read out of Hebrews 13:15, continually offer sacrifice of praise. Sacrifice is the gift to the Lord when it is mentioned in this verse. Praise, do good, and to share is what we are to do. Pastor Sydney read  from Acts 10:1 and Psalms 34:1-2. It starts with personal responsibility. It is the doer who sees the results. Pastor Sydney read from 1 Samuel 17:34, people spend their time magnifying the problem. Stand up and remind your problem and boast on the Lord. They are measuring themselves with the problem.

Ron Cohn referenced Colossians 3:16. The Lord had given two songs through Rohn Cohn: Braggadocious  When life gets to be a drag you should brag. When strength in your life begins to lag, on the Lord God you should brag. When the devil’s tongue begins to wag, strike back! On the Lord begin to brag.    When in life you need a brand new bag, just praise the Lord and begin to brag. When the lies of the devil become a nag, rise up in victory and on God brag. When the only dancing has become a shag, stand up begin to dance and give God a brag. When in life you are it, satan wants to tag, just touch him back and on God brag, brag, brag.  Magnifying the Lord When you magnify the Lord, H will get big. He will get so large you’ll dance a jig. And when you magnify Him, He will get tall. If you don’t magnify Him, He will stay small. So when life gets tough and you want to cry. See God bigger and start to magnify.