Lifestyle of Praise – Part 4

Sunday July 1, 2018

Pastor Sydney told the story about the life of a man who that he had a lot time on earth. He had not chosen to make Jesus Christ as his Lord and savior. The man had gotten into an accident and died. Pastor Sydney encourages for those who haven’t given their lives to Jesus, that today is the day! If you walked away from the Lord, today is the day to turn back to Jesus. Pastor Sydney read from Exodus 18:20, pray for a constitutional judge.  Roe verses Wade need to be overturned. Untie your shoe before you can put it on. Protect the citizen. Be active when you are suppose to. Keep our government in prayer. Chosen by our executive branch. Four qualifiers 1) Able man, 2) God fearing, 3) Men of truth, and 4) Hating bribes. Psalm 34:1, praise is prayer. The result of having Lordship in my life. David was poor (being troubled) but, later on he is not poor. The Lord preserves me! Why should we praise the Lord? Pastor Sydney read from Revelations 19:5 and Psalm 150:6. You don’t have to understand “why” to obey the Lord. Teach your kids to obey because you said so. Why should we praise the Lord? Because, He told us to. The Lord knows that if you praise Him will open the door and increase your capacity to receive. You’ll get into agreement with Him. Pastor Sydney read from Psalm 18:1-3. God is my strength, my rock, and my shield are reasons why we should praise the Lord. Some things are praise worthy. Whatever the Lord does is praise worthy. God provides peace which, is worthy. Pastor Sydney read from Psalm 107:1. Pastor Sydney mentioned that if you’ve known that you haven’t been walking right with the Lord that it is not too late to turn back to Jesus. Gift giving is an offering.