Lifestyle of Praise – Part 3

Sunday June 17, 2018
Pastor Sydney talked about life style of praises. The question that was asked is, when should we praise Him? Pastor Sydney read out of Psalm 34, we want to stay teachable. He also read from Psalm 92:1Psalm 119:62, and Psalm 35:28. Pastor Sydney read from Hebrews 13:15 and Psalm 146:42. When you are full of faith you would be full of praise. Know that Jesus is for you. Set your mind on the things of what the Lord has done.
Psalm 34:1-3
Psalm 78:1-4
Psalm 22:22
Psalm 111:1
Psalm 109:30
Psalm 105:1-2
Psalm 18:46
Acts 16:22
Tithe Message
Jen Ropp spoke out of 1 Chronicles 29. Offer willingly. Where there is trust there is a surrender to the Lord.