Prophetic Conference – Living According to His Word

Thursday January 9, 2014

Karen shares her personal testimony of a changed life being lived by faith in the Living Word. As she spoke she gave powerful nuggets for living a life of faith in God. Mary did not question God when the angel told her she would conceive a child by the Holy Spirit. She said, “Let it be according to your word.” Zacharias, however, did not believe what the angel told him and became dumb until he spoke out the name of his son, John, agreeing with the Word of God given by the angel. The Word is God’s language. It’s how we get to know our Father. You must say, “Yes”, for Jesus to move into your life. Get rid of the “ruts” in your brain. You are in a fork in the road. You can choose truth, or you can go the way you’ve been going. Everyone has one of two fathers: the devil or God. The devil wants the Word out of your life, which is the fight of your faith. Do not question God’s Word. Let the Word become alive to you. Give God permission to change you.