It Starts With the Heart

Thursday June 2, 2011

Brian Rohrer shares his testimony as a pastor’s son. He tells how being hurt by church-goers and judging God by looking at people caused him to question and run from God. He saw his father going out of his comfort-zone to minister to troubled kids on drugs. Through different changes, his dad decided to have a church to reach kids like Brian, and his desires shifted to wanting to preach and sing and being excited about Jesus. Once again, something happened causing a church-split, and Brian poured his life into his work, but when his position was eliminated, he was forced to face himself. Through another process, he broke down and chose to forgive himself and others. What did he learn? Among other things: To whom much is forgiven, much is required; we are covered by the blood; we need to offer ourselves to God 100%; we have weapons of the blood of Jesus, the word of our testimony, the Word of God, and the power of prayer. In an instant God can wipe away a lifetime of sin. On the road to redemption, we find out that we are not under condemnation. Jesus does not leave people where they are. Revival is work. It is touching the father’s heart. Signs and wonders should be following us or they can become distractions. Satan wants us to keep begging for forgiveness and living in condemnation, but our fight is already won!