How to Be Free

Sunday November 16, 2014

(Notes in addition to Saturday’s notes.) Revelation of the Word sets us free. We sow the Word into our lives continually, or death will try to come in. Even if you do not understand the Word, obey it, and you will get the fruit of it. When you give, pray, and fast means that you do those things. You will lose to darkness if you fight in your own strength, but if you push against a trial with the Word, you will be strengthened and victorious. What you put in will come out when you are tested. Fight from a position of victory. The soil determines the aftermath of the seed. The power comes through doing the Word. Josh told the story of a little boy trying in his own strength to move a large stone out of his sandbox. The father watched and when the stone was wedged against the wooden frame, his father said that the little boy did not use all the strength he had, because he did not ask him (his father) to help. We need to ask for the Father’s help. Sometimes we take in a false gospel. The false gospel involves “I” focus, and not the complete Word and love focus. “I” needs to die. The love of God needs to be above the “I”. Get into the Word. Have God-time. Just as an animal will take poison if it is wrapped in food, watch that you do not “eat” Satan’s poison (lies) by believing part-truths. Be hearers and doers of the Word. You know how much of the love of the Father you have by how hard it is to lay something down. The number one thing is to stay in relationship (fellowship) with the Father. Do not wonder around in the trials. Let the Word push against the trial. You will know if you are letting the Word work by your resting in the Lord. Sow the Word in your life. Be people of the Word consistently.