Honor God with the Truth

Sunday May 15, 2016

The church should communicate truth and be salt. Find out what your school’s policies are. Communicate with your representatives. Fight against unrighteousness. It took eighty years of preachers’ (The Black Regiment) preaching truth in the early colonies before it was put into effect when the Constitution was written. We need to apply the truth to our lives. God’s principles work even for the unsaved. We must live by His principles. Eli, the priest, displeased God by honoring his sons more than he did God (1 Samuel 2:29). Eli knew his sons were sinning against God and His temple, but he did not stop them. God said that He will honor those who honor Him. If you want to be honored, you must honor truth. Honor means “weighty, of value, of great importance.” How do we honor God? We honor Him by honoring what He honors. God cannot lie. There is power in His Word. God made everything. In Isaiah 66:1, 2 God said that He will look favorably on one who is humble and submissive and who trembles at His Word, a person who hurries to keep God’s commands (Psalm 119:57-60). God’s Word is truth. We can rejoice at His Word like one who has found a treasure (Psalm 119:162). The entrance of His Word gives light to those who are humble and open-minded (Psalm 119:130). Buy truth, and do not sell it (Proverbs 23:23). Do not let money pull you away from what is truth.  Bribes prevent justice. Do not allow money to buy and pervert justice and truth. How valuable is truth? Are you willing to stand alone for truth? As a church, we must be established on the truth. Truth will cost you something. You may have to choose between truth and family and your friends. How do we know if we have the truth? It is in the Word. If you find a verse, read the context of that verse and search for more than one witness in the rest of the Word. Make sure that what is being said is right in the Scriptures. Be a student of the Word. The deceived ones do not have the love of the truth in them.