His Goodness Will Change You

Wednesday February 17, 2010

Ps. 34:8-10 The Lord is good and blessed is the person who trusts in Him. Healing is a good thing, and God is not holding it back from you. If you’re not receiving your healing, God is not the problem. Don’t get comfortable with your mess. You must use faith with works, not having sin hanging onto you. If you seek Him, you should not lack any good thing. To receive His promises, you probably need to change. You need to repent. (Listen to the meanings of repentance.) What are the areas of your life, your thinking, that need to change in order for your behavior to change? Check up on your heart and make sure it doesn’t have anger, jealousy, unforgiveness, gossiping, lying, etc. in it. Repent (think differently) first and believe the Gospel, so you can pull what you need from the spiritual realm into the natural world. Ps. 27:13, 14; Rom. 2:4; Prov. 4:20-27; Mark 1:15; Mark 9:23.