Getting God’s Vision for Your Life

Sunday April 23, 2017

Pastor Sydney read out of Psalm 35 and Mathew 18:21. He spoke on getting back to the simple things, the simple love you had at first for Jesus. God is calling everyone to repentance. “Every hindrance and every wall be removed,” was prayed by Pastor Sydney. One of the key subjects talked about was on forgiveness. Unforgiveness will keep a person in bondage. While in Iraq Pastor Sydney had seen a photo of Jesus laughing. The same image kept appearing. The picture of Jesus laughing represented the joy of the Lord. The Lord had given Larry Hostetter a message for the congregation. Larry had a dream that he had several times before. In that dream the demonstration of how God is a God of order was what had been represented in a church service. In that service one by one someone ministered a word, sang, or played and instrument. Jen Ropp had spoke about her encounter with a cashier at the grocery store and the takeaway was what your vision is for your life or situation. Anastashia Groff had shared that seeing Pastor Sydney and Jen’s son miraculously being healed step by step of type 1 Diabetes is her vision. Herb Baughman had talked about the power of forgiveness and how a relative decide to stick with unforgievness and eventually died from bone cancer.