Four Key Elements of How To Stay Full of God

Saturday August 10, 2013

Mary Beth Rutter had a Word before Karen preached. Text: Romans 1:21. We can stay full of God. The first way is to glorify Him. To glorify Him is to magnify Him. God is bigger than your problem, sickness, disease, whatever, and when we glorify Him, our problems shrink. Magnify the Word over your problem. Renew your mind and your talk to speak the Father’s language. God loves you now as much as He ever has or ever will. Love God and love others as you love yourself. God’s Word trumps everything in your life. Secondly, be thankful and have a thankful heart (Ps. 103; 100; 2 Tim. 3:1-5). If you can’t be thankful for the people you see, how can you be thankful for God, whom you can’t see? The anecdote for complaining: when a thought comes, discern if it’s from God or the devil, and then pray in tongues. Thirdly, God wants our thoughts, and you must discern where they are coming from. Use your imagination for Him, meditate on truth, and put more value on what He says than what others are saying. Picture yourself doing what He wants you to do. Finally, keep your heart right (Matt. 23:25-26). God is more interested in your heart than even your actions.