Sunday July 3, 2016

Offering sermon: Pastor Syd shared the testimony of giving his firstfruit and reaping a blessing for a new vehicle, and his children sowing a hamster and being given a puppy. God will do what He said He would do. God wants to be the central theme of your day. (There was a word given about coming back to the true and living God, seeking Him, praying for Donald Trump, repentance, revival, and a move of God.) Sermon: Schools in America were started to teach people how to read the Bible, and then the Bible was used to teach other subjects. We have let drop the responsibility for education and government. We must bring change from the inside. Pastor Syd read the Declaration of Independence. Many of the fifty-six signers were Christians. Now the agenda is to remove the how and why of whom we are. We have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, according to the Declaration of Independence, but that right is falling away. What rights does the baby in the womb have against abortion? Although the main concern was taxation without representation, there were other abuses that the signers had concerns with, such as religion. For them to stand up and to think they would win against England was like Hawaii taking on a war against all of the U. S. government. How did the colonists do it? There was no way other than by divine help! They were willing to fight for something they believed in. Be thankful for the freedoms we have. Our nation was founded on the rock, but it is now in the sand. We need to pray for and act on what we have been entrusted with. Talk to your representatives and Senators and encourage them. Pastor Syd shared about swimming in the Green River in Utah where there was quicksand in the bottom. If he would have stayed in the quicksand, he would have sunk into death. Our nation is now in quicksand. The time and season we are in is one of praying and acting. Be a person of prayer. Ask God what we are to do, and be willing to obey. Focus and desire God above everything else. Make God the central part of your day. Be the church outside these walls. Meditate on Colossians 3:1-4, setting your mind on things above, on those things that have eternal impact. Set your mind of His thoughts. Be moldable to His desires, and then He will give you the desires of your heart. Ask God what is important to Him.