Everything Will Turn To Good

Saturday May 3, 2014

Arthur Simonyan, a pastor from Armenia, preached on Romans 8:28. The number one thing for believers is to love God, and secondly, to love our neighbors. Loving one another and God means to take care of one another and to protect one another. Pastor Arthur shared several examples of people who were serving God and bad things happened to them, but in the end, it turned out for the good.  For instance, their church started out as a Bible School in a park, but they were banned. Later they applied for a loan to build or buy a building, but the bank told them they don’t finance religious organizations. The good that came from that is that they own, debt-free, a beautiful 3500 seat church building. Peter caught no fish after a night’s fishing, but because his boat was empty, he connected with Jesus, who brought a boatload of fish to him. We have many Goliaths who want to break down our faith, but your “Goliath” can become a blessing. God is with us and victory belongs to us.