Sunday October 3, 2010

Using I Kings and II Kings, Pastor Anton preaches on dedication as the key to victory. Elijah took a big risk in calling a contest between Baal and God, especially when he took the most important thing, water, and poured it on the altar. Elijah was not a fence-sitter. He chose to follow God and a nation was changed. Are you sitting on a fence about your commitment to God? You are the one who has to choose to follow God. Elisha was dedicated to Elijah and received a double portion. Even when a dead man was placed on Elisha’s bones, the power and anointing was there and raised the man to life. Why wasn’t Elisha’s anointing and power transferred to someone else? His servant, Gehazi, was not dedicated to Elisha and God. Gehazi couldn’t raise the dead child of the Shunammite woman, because he was not truly dedicated. Be dedicated to God and let the mantle of Elisha touch you.