Cycles of the Kingdom

Wednesday January 20, 2010

Ben shares two revelations the Lord gave him after the first night of the CWI Prophetic Conference. 1) 2010 would be the beginning of the decade of supernatural harvest, and 2) it would be the decade of the apostles. The Lord said that we are sitting in the middle of an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. In Acts 2:17 and 18 He said that He would pour out His Spirit on all flesh and on our sons and daughters. MaryAnn Stoltzfus shared a vision the Lord had given her concerning bringing the children in with you in the Spirit. Ben told us that the first portion of the anointing according to Acts 2 is the believer’s anointing. The second portion is the anointing on those dedicated to a life of service, such as pastors. The personal cycles of a believer are: 1) You become intimate with God through prayer and fellowship with Him. 2) You are filled with the Holy Spirit. 3) You get personal victory in a challenge in your life that helps you to grow. 4) You help someone else. The corporate cycle of the Kingdom in the Body of Christ is: Corporate prayer and prophecy, which result in an outpouring of the Holy Spirit (during which time you push hard and expect greater results), which results in evangelism and outreach, which results in discipleship and mentoring. We are in the evangelism and outreach cycle, but we must need to go to discipleship.