Confidence and Alignment

Wednesday February 13, 2008

Tim completes “Confidence” and begins teaching on wealth. He encourages us to replace our limitations with possibilities and to build a “positive file”. Whenever a lie comes up in our thinking, we need to ask questions, such as “Does this line up with the Word?”, and ridicule the lies. Don’t act as if the lie has a lot of power and don’t fear failure. Confess and declare the Word of God and encourage others. Wealth is your response to challenges in your life. When we create rather than responding negatively, we can get to where God wants us. Serving others creates value and helps us get to our wealthy place. Seeking the kingdom of heaven is a place of abundance, so we can serve. Our purpose is to create wealth and to respond creatively. Just for thought: Money doesn’t ruin. It reveals what’s in a person’s heart.