A Heart of Thanks

Sunday December 24, 2017

Gene English speaks about developing a heart of thanks. One of things that came to Gene is that the development of a heart of thanks doesn’t come easy. In looking at a child, they would say give me that or that’s mine. The parents are training children to say, “Please may I have that”. It is natural for us to want. It is another thing to take a step forward and deliberately develop a heart of thanks. Gene mentions that there is a progression with that and that we began to have a thankful heart. It is not just a heart of thanks, it is also a thankful heart. Gene encourages to just stop everything and not think about what the next events are. To sit there with our eyes closed. To take a breath and begin to see where you were ten or fifteen years or, one year ago.To see where you are now and to be thankful. I am thankful to God. The word thank you is over used just like the word love. When you begin to develop the heart of thankfulness. Another progression turns into a heart of thanksgiving. Reflect on Christ’s birth. Nothing like it to give away what you have. Gene encourages us to open the eyes of our hearts. Are we so busy that we don’t see the importance of Jesus’ birth. It takes sacrifice. Contentment comes from a thankful heart. Gene read from Luke 2. and Genesis 3:14-15, the Lord is talking to Satan. Gene references John 3:16Genesis 4:25Genesis 9:27Genesis 12:3Genesis 21:12Genesis 25:23, and Genesis 49:10. Is Jesus our schedule or is He our convenience? Gene encourages us not to get caught up. He wants us to look for the details of how Christ was revealed. Colossians 1:17. He questioned if we are too busy to see God’s extravagant love of the birth of Christ. Gene Zephaniah 3:17. Gene mentions for men to stop perverting God’s love. To accept and be who you are in Christ. Then He can do a work in you.