Chasing Lions

Sunday April 10, 2011

II Sam. 23:20-23. Benaiah chased lions. We need to be lion-chasers. Face and deal with the issues in your life. Fight or flight; scared or scarred. Choose to fight and have scars. Paul had many “battle scars” from fighting for the Lord Jesus Christ. God is raising up an army running to, not from, the battle. There are times when we need to fight in order to fulfill God’s will. What are you chasing? Is it bigger than you? Others are watching your life to see if you are for real. When Benaiah chased the lion into the pit, he could have stopped there. Don’t be an “almost Christian”. Get a word from God and get ahead. Benaiah had a faith resume. What matters most is what you do with what you have. Benaiah didn’t stop at the side of the pit, but he got into the pit and killed the lion. Obey God and don’t be a nay-sayer. David killed Goliath and said that the battle is the Lord’s. He ran to the Philistine. Benaiah was more honored and became David’s bodyguard. He was in the presence of the king the rest of his days. Step out in faith and be in God’s presence.