But What If She Will Not Come?

Sunday June 2, 2019

The silver medalist of all the mothers. Pastor Andrew Taylor read out of Genesis15:2 Eliezar (type of the Holy Spirit) was to find a bride for Abraham.  Pastor Andrew read from  Genesis 24:2, Abraham is a type of God the Father, the riches man. Abraham has the seed,  Isaac  who is the type of son. We cannot escape the consequences of our decisions. There are 206 bones in the body, the biggest and strongest muscle is the thigh muscle. Putting your underneath someone’s thigh means 1.) Making a promise or swearing, 2.) Submission, and 3.) from the Hebrew also means the reproductive organs, swear by your children’s children. Abraham, Eliezar, and Jesus. Father, Holy Spirit, and Son. The name of Egypt symbolizes the world and the Lord has brought us out of Egypt. 2 Peter 2:22, like a dog who turns back to his vomit. Psalms 40:8, do we desire to do the Father’s will or are we consumed doing what we want to do? John 4:34, meat means task. 2 Peter 3:9, If we reject His precious son, God has to honor our choice. It is not God’s will that any soul should perish. When a soul does if grieves Him. How will God’s will be done? God’s will will be done by willing people. We are all sons and daughters of God. All over this world the Spirit is moving, flat out like a lizard drinking water. What is she will not come? What if she is too comfortable? What if we are too self absorbed? Pastor Andrew referenced Acts 1:8Matthew 28:19-20 and encourages us to get up and go do the work of the Father. The price has been paid for everyone but, not everyone knows. If it is to be, it’s up to me. It is not the time to turn to your neighbor. Seek the Kingdom of God first. If you do the will of the Father, He will take care of what is needed. Pastor talks about the generations. Rebecca’s father is a guy named Bethua. Nahor and Milcah are the parents of Bethua.  Abraham and Sarah have a child named Isaac. Isaac and Rebecka are the same age. Pastor Andrew read from Genesis 24Genesis 24:56, yes I will go. Psalms 110:3, the people should be willing.