Building the CWI Foundation

Sunday October 4, 2009
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Jim Johnson introduces the CWI body to the plan for membership. Those who have been a part of the CWI body will be grandfathered in, and new believers will go through classes, probably held prior to the services. The function is T-E-A-M: transform people by the Word of God, equip members to fulfill the call on their lives, and mobilize them to do what they have been equipped to do. The classes will focus on the foundations, righteousness, the believers’ function in the body, tithing, authority, ministry of helps, missions, etc. Jim’s teaching was on Ps. 127:1 and Ps. 133:1-3 exhorting the body to build a firm foundation of CWI on Jesus Christ, learn to function under the authority of Pastor Dale, and to live and work in unity. Using many scriptures in Acts, Jim highlighted how the church growth exploded when the people were in one accord. Dr. David Kandole also exhorted the church using Phil 2:2 and Acts 4:32-34, pointing out that there was no lack because the multitude was of one heart and one soul.