Prophetic Conference – Developing That Which Is In You

Saturday January 11, 2014

Text: 2 Peter 1:3-10 (8). We were born in the image of God. We need to be changed like never before. God wants the image and life of Jesus Christ to radiate from us and from every church. This takes repentance for everyone. Lay aside what trips you up and put on the new spiritual self. Open up your heart to receive and be a doer of the Word. Our assignment is to have and be abounding in these things that are added to faith: virtue (moral knowledge), knowledge, self-control, perseverance (patient endurance), godliness, brotherly kindness (Christian affection), love. Having these things added to our faith will keep us from being deceived and will bring life, godliness, exceedingly great and precious promises. We are called to reflect Jesus. We don’t have to be given to lust. This is a time when many people are deceived, compromising, lulled to sleep, and thinking they’re doing right, when really they’re doing wrong. We are to pursue God diligently like a man pursuing the woman he wanted for his wife. Make a commitment to be more productive than ever before. What is God convicting you of? Is it self-control or patience or love? Your attitude affects the atmosphere around you, either for the negative or the positive. The challenge for the church is to develop what is in each person. Develop means to cause to grow, mature, advance, set forth, make visible and manifest, and to create or produce by effort over time. God wants to expand His Body in numbers, power, and authority and to equip us with more to overcome our weaknesses.