Be Fruitful – part 1

Sunday May 12, 2019

Are you here as a consumer or as an employee of the Lord. We are in a consumer culture. When we are looking what the Kingdom can do for me instead of looking at what can I do for the Kingdom, we become ineffective for the Kingdom. Genesis 1:26, being fruitful. This is how some of us live today, we live satisfied with an occasional visit from the Lord. Instead of Him being involved in you life all the time. Pastor Sydney Ropp read out of John 15:8, and 1 Corinthians 3:9. Not everything done is going to last or stand the test of fire. There is going to be a testing of the works we do. Pastor Sydney read out of Matthew 7:1 Much better to judge yourself is better than having someone else to judge you. We have the privileged of examining ourselves. Deal with yourself first. Pastor Sydney read from Jude 1:12. Don’t yield to condemnation but, if your heart is pricking do pay attention. Anything that makes us uncomfortable is not always the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit pricks yours heart to bring you closer to the Lord. Prune mean cleansing. No man can remove you from the vine. He needs you Jesus the vine and you are the body. The fruit doesn’t grow on the vine. Produce much fruit, go from glory to glory. If you stay in the Word all week, then you wouldn’t come to church as a consumer. It is time to examine yourself when you start to feel dried up and withered. Abide in Him and produce much fruit. What is blocking between you and the vine.? Examine it and remove it. If you are not staying hooked up with Him in relationship all your are doing is a fruitless exercise. You have to abide in Him. It is a place of living not a visitation. God is priority!