Bacon, Masks, And The Baptism of The Holy Spirit

Sunday May 31, 2020

Pork Question 1 Timothy 4:1-5  Acts 10:9-18   1 Corinthians 10:23-33   Romans 14:1-8

Pastor Sydney read out of 2 Chronicles 7:13, you are unable to repent for your neighbor. A humble person knows that in it if himself, he knows that he is nothing without the the Lord.  We are to be witnesses of of Jesus. Pentecost means 50 days after the Passover. First  fruit is the start of the something. The Holy Spirit in you is to guide you. Pastor  Sydney read out of John 20:19-21, Luke 24:1, Acts 1:4, Luke 10:33, and Luke 19. The Holy Spirit on you is to empower you to do God’s work.

Tithe/ Mission’s Message:  Luke 18   Proverbs 22:9   God is not a taker, He is a giver