Keeping His Commands

Sunday August 6, 2017
Worship and prayer had taken place. Keven Burrows had a message for John Tobias from the Lord. “John the Lord says to you to rise up my son. Rise up and dust yourself off. The Lord is saying that you already know how to rise up and dust yourself off because your past dictates what you have done. The Lord says again son my son rise up and dust yourself off. Stand up for the things you stood up in the old. Rise back up for the things you rose up for. My son my son dust yourself off.”

The Lord gave Pastor Sydney Psalm 25 not only for him but for John Tobias as well. Pastor Sydney encourages John to get full of hope and prayed for him. A song given through Kevin Burrows from the Lord was brought forth.

“‘My healing power will move. To show My glory. You have authority in you lives that you are far above powers of principalities, but where is your faith? That faith that I have placed within you. You have to yield to that faith and you have to stand against satan and its powers and principalities because he is defeated. The Blood is sufficient, the Name is sufficient. Keep on seeking me because I want to do great and mighty things in this place. I do want to see peoples’ lives get touched and changed. Stand against the wiles of satan. Stand strong not because of your strength, but because of the strength that I infuse in your body through Jesus Christ the Lord. ‘”

Pastor Sydney reads out of Psalm 18. Pastor Sydney mentioned that Sandi Burkholder had a message from the Lord during worship.The Lord said that “We are the lean strong fighting machine.” He is making us corporately together.

Pastor Sydney mentions that Psalm 18 is a psalm or warfare about a battle  and sets the stage of what was going on and shows the complete victory that God brought Jesus out and because He is the King of nations and we serve Him. He tells us that we would be seated with Him in heavenly places current condition.

Pastor Sydney encourages the congregation to read the series by Keith Moore, “The Offering of the Lord”.

Main Message

Pastor Sydney reads out of John 14:12. He uses the example of sunglasses and when you put them on you see the color of whatever tint they are. Instead of seeing the color or tint,  Pastor Sydney encourages us to see things through the eyes of love. In order to receive the Holy Spirit a person must be saved first. Pastor Sydney mentions that Acts 2 gives the comparison of the Holy Spirit being on you verses within you. He also mentions that the reason we have not been bold with stepping out and witnessing is because we act like we have been orphans and alone. Since He is with us we can act in boldness as we tell people the truth and as we witness. Pastor Sydney mentions that people will know if we are true disciples by our love. Conviction is what draws you towards the Lord with the helping you correct what needs to be worked on. Condemnation is pushing you away. The Lord reveals Himself as we act upon His command. Pastor Sydney references Matthew 251 John 3 shows how we are to show love. Pastor Sydney mentions that sometime loving like the Lord is not giving what a person ask for. That it be in the best interest of the person to give them instead what is best for them.

How do I guard my heart? Jude 1:20 and1 Corinthians 14 talks about building ourselves up praying in tongues, Pastor Sydney references. Luke 10:18-20 has the description about the snakes. Mark 16:15 there should be no strife in the Body of Christ. Two take away points; 1)How we treat each other in the body of Christ is a true testament of true discipleship and 2) If we love Him we’ll keep His commandment. Pastor Sydney encourages us to be the light!