Saturday August 20, 2016

Our challenge is to see beyond what we can see, do, and understand. The body of Christ goes through seasons. We know about sowing and reaping, but it is in the in-between seasons that we can get hit with all kinds of things that could bring on fear. There are other seasons: preparation for sowing, the season between the sowing and the harvesting, the time after the reaping that requires dealing with the harvest so it does not go bad. Prophet Tim prophesied over the CWI congregation, Pastor Syd and Jen Ropp and various other church members. He prophesied a re-awakening and a remnant of those who fear God’s name. He spoke that we are to go after those no one wants and that CWI is going to be a drawing place of needy people. It is going to be a house of healing, mercy, and love.