A Vision for the House

Sunday September 2, 2018

Pastor Pradeep Perera read from Luke 2:26-32 and Mark 9:23. God wants to use ordinary people like you and I. When you are faithful God is a rewarded of those who diligently seek Him. He is a just man. “Put your leg on the accelerator and don’t stop”. Pastor Pradeep talked about how he determined that he wasn’t going to serve the Lord. He mentioned that sin may seem good and feel good but, it will zap the life out of you. Pastor Pradeep referenced James 5:16. There is a prayer anointing being released. Pastor Pradeep encourages us to continue to pray and intercede. The Gospel is powerful and chains are going to break. Church of the Word is going to be an Apostolic center, do not give up. God rewards and if two or three gather together in agreement in His name, it shall be done. We are to give honor where honor is due. It all starts with small groups. The language of the Holy Spirit is love. God is going to release His love upon you. When the Holy Spirit is upon you the love of God is upon you and love is activated. Walk in the Spirit. This world has a deficit of love. The enemy just wants to kill, steal, and destroy.  The enemy can come in destroy you. The Lord is saying to walk in love. We need to be teachable like children. Whatever you are going through, God will give you the victory. Build the person now walking in the Spirit. God is releasing a vision for the house. He rewards your faithfulness. Pastor Pradeep read from Romans 15:30. Unbelief and doubt is demonic. He mentions that Ana committed her life to fasting and praying.