A Second Time

Sunday October 19, 2014

Text: Genesis 22:12-18. In Genesis 22:15 the Angel of the Lord called to Abraham a second time out of heaven. The Lord is speaking to you a second time. Samson turned to the Lord a second time, asking Him to remember him a second time. Something is moving from heaven in this place a second time, the anointing a second time. It is party time when you come back to the Lord. The Spirit of the Lord wants to blow on you a second time. When did God come to Abraham a second time? It was when he was going to sacrifice Isaac. He left his servants behind. God wants us to leave something at the bottom of the hill. If goodness and mercy are to follow you, you need to leave something behind. God will provide. The second time visit will be different. The Angel of the Lord first said for Abraham to not lay a hand on Isaac, because He would provide. He is coming back to you with double portion provision. The second time blessing is for future generations. Multiplying I will bless you and your descendants, because you have done these things and have not withheld your son. Your children will be many. Pastor Israel told of a time that four hungry, tired pastors came to his family’s home at dinner time. They fed them first, leaving very little for Israel’s family. His mother prayed for multiplication of the food, and all of the family ate and had plenty. It was multiplied because she first honored and fed the guests. God says, “I want to bless you because you did this.” Keep doing the good work. It’s time to reap because you have done this. Isaac dug a well, and there was water there. He dug more wells, and there was water there, too. He sowed in famine time, and then he was blessed. What are you doing in the church? He will come a second time with a reward for what you have done here. Do you want a second blessing?