9 P’s In The Life of Joseph

Sunday July 10, 2022

Andrew Taylor is the founder of the APT Foundation, and his wife, Anne, is the founder of Door of Hope. He ministers in Indonesia, India, Australia, Fiji, and the South Pacific islands. He preached on the “Nine P’s in the Life of Joseph.” They come from Genesis 37, 39-47. The first one is privilege, as Joseph was the favored son. We are favored by God. The second one: the pit, where God was working out His plan. What pit do you find yourself in today? Third: peddled for pennies, as his brothers sold him for twenty pieces of silver, but God was there. Fourth: Potiphar’s house, where Joseph ran from the temptation of Potiphar’s wife. Your integrity may cause you to be persecuted. At this stage you might be tempted to question God. Fifth: prisoner, when he was locked up. You might question why you were born. Sixth: Preparation, perfection, purifying, and polishing, when Joseph emptied himself. Do you feel you are locked up by controlling people and situations? He was advanced as overseer over the other prisoners. Seventh: promotion and position, when Joseph is put into the second highest position in all Egypt. He was humble and could handle the promotion. Be humble. Stay humble. Eighth: palace, where the greater the preparation, the higher the promotion. Follow God’s plan, God’s way, and God’s time. Ninth: provision, when Joseph was blessed to be a blessing to his friends, family, and foreigners. He sought no revenge, but he loved his brothers. He was like Christ. Walk with grace and humility in the place of blessing. It is all of God, and none of us, so His kingdom can come.