1st Love and Intimacy

Saturday September 17, 2022

Scripture texts: Mark 14:1-9; John 11. Pastor Jake Kail preaches on a place of intimacy with God, a first love, in worship and prayer and intercession with a life perspective of eternity. Religion loves the concept and laws of God but rejects God Himself. The Pharisees rejected and hated the Spirit of God. Mary’s anointing Jesus with the expensive fragrant oil before His death was considered by some to be a waste. Jesus refuted that by saying that what she was doing was a good work and would be remembered as a memorial, which it is to this day. Mary was the same woman who prayed when her brother, Lazarus, died, and her prayer was answered. Martha, her sister, was worried about many things. Mary had a first love devotion to Jesus. The devil will get you distracted by serving if he cannot get you into sin. Ministry is not to take the place of intimacy with God. Mary had a posture of devotion to Jesus and the right priority. Prayer depends on the person who is praying. Prayer that brings resurrection comes out of devotion and worship to Jesus. Mary broke the flask of perfume. It was costly, and some thought of it as waste. The lukewarm and complacent church asks, “Why the waste?” Radical commitment upsets the religious. Are we willing to live our lives in such a way that others look at us as if we have gone over the edge? We are not to live as the world. Mary had a clear revelation of who Jesus was. Our love comes as a response of His love. Many people want the good things Jesus can do, but they do not want Jesus. Do not allow the criticism of others to lower your standard of devotion to God. Choose Jesus first, because He is worthy. Wanting Jesus comes out of a revelation of the reality of eternity, eternal things. Mary’s act is still being told. The world is being built on the present, but we should live in the light of eternity. Have an eternal perspective. James 4:13-14. Your life is a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away. Are you living today for what will matter then? Life here is prep for eternity. Allow your work to turn into worship with eternity in mind. Ask yourself: Is what I am spending so much time on going to matter years from now? Get into the secret place to be with Him. A great awakening is needed for our country. Revival comes through the prayers of people who are fully devoted to Jesus. Eternal things come to the forefront, and then God shows up. People and cities are swept into the kingdom of God. It is a glimpse of eternity. There are intercessors behind every revival. Be drawn into a deeper place. Say “yes” to break the flask. There was time given to prayer and intercession.