Saturday June 19, 2021

Jesus Christ is the one true God. There’s a famine in the land and that is the Word of the truth. There are two types of people. The saved and the unsaved. What is this and what must I do with it? It’s like a canoe rowing against the tide. If anyone wants to be more spiritual you have to be the first to repent. God gives grace to the humble. It’s not ok to pretend. We only have today. With liberty without responsibility is bondage. You can try to hide from God. Don’t be like Adam and Eve running from God but, to run towards God. Is the living Word written on your heart? Virtue is high moral standards. Knowledge is practical understanding of the Word of God. Get in or get out. You can’t control other people. Stop playing the blame game. It’s like putting yourself in a prison cell and throwing them the key. Get sober minded and understand the truth. I want fruit to abound. Be encouraged in your identity in Jesus.

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