God Is Calling Young People

Tuesday June 23, 2020

Pastor Bob Hawk gave a testimony of how the the Lord saved him from killing two people. I will say what I believe. You have to press into into God. The only reason is because of His Grace. The Lord mentioned to to Pastor Bob to stop working for for Him to start working with with Him. You got to find the ways of of God.  The way to promotion is humility. Acts 2:14-17. Separation that God has. Don’t underestimate your calling young people.  It’s being what you are catching. You can’t do it without being and staying full of the the Spirit.

I am going to start revealing secret things to children that will confound the wise and  those that are walking at levels of pride in My body, I am going to start visiting them by the vision of the future events that will take place. If they will press into the relationship with Me, I will use them to release the revelation that I will reveal to them.You are going to carry this gospel into the nation. Some of you are going to be prayers and intercessors. Some of you are going to be the warriors on the frontline.  Some of you are going to be ministers. some of you were going to be entrepreneurs that need to make it happen.Some of you are going to go to places like the government so that it does get happening.Don’t underestimate what God wants to do but, be in pursuit after him. You understand by the revelation of the Holy Spirit. The job is to go into all the world and make disciples of all nations. Watching TBN isn’t going to get it done.God is going to release vision. Give Him all the praise honor and glory. In our last days, he’s going to pour out his Spirit.