I Will Live and Not Die

Sunday May 17, 2020

Psalms 91 was read from as a congregation.There is only the the Lord that keeps us. The promises always comes with  instruction. Fear  is not with with Him. There is not a certain assigned day as to when anyone is to die. Pastor Sydney took the opportunity to read out of Ephesians 6. It’s our responsibility to walk in God’s plan. if someone goes through something unexplainable, God is blamed for it. You need to be repeating what He said. I am delivered from the spirit of death. Pastor Sydney read out of Colossians  1:3. Faith is not sight. We don’t have an assigned day of death. Always go by the witness on the inside. It’s only in the going that you have protection. Pastor Sydney read out of Luke 10, you can’t have faith if you don’t know know God’s Word.

Pastor Jen had a message from the the Lord for for Jill. You are well able to take the land. He is is with you. You are able.

Chani talk about what she was taught. She talk about the fear she experienced in her earlier years . When she accepted the the Lord as her savior, she was set free from fear and the lies. You don’t have to sit and be like cowards. We have to do our part and open our mouths.