Sunday April 14, 2019

The River of the Holy Spirit is flowing in this place. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom. Pastor Pradeep prayed of the congregation declaring liberty over lives, liberty over your children, and he declared liberty over your well being. Someone here that God is healing your mind right now, the healing power of God is coming upon you and He is touching your mind right now. Thoughts are going to be changed into holy thought and happy thinking. There was someone else that God is healing lower  back pain. Someone else that God is healing the pain in the spine. Someone else where God is healing your neck and healing you completely. Someone had gotten report about chest pain. God is saying do not worry do not fret for I am the Healer. I have sent my word and I will heal every aliment an every disease. The breath of God is here. He will touch you, he will heal you, and he will restore you. There was someone that had a demonic attack and the work of God is crushing the enemy Pastor Pradeep continued to pray.

We are fools for Christ and you are going to be a winner. Where ever you go you may feel that it may not work out in the heathen world but, Got has got better plans. God is greater.  Pastor Pradeep read from 2 Samuel 6:11. He mentioned that God is going to release hope into your life because of the Holy Spirit. The work of the Holy Spirit is that you choose to please God. When you choose to please God, God is pleased with you. Pastor Pradeep referenced  Psalm 37:4, abundance was a word that had come to him. Luke 1:26-38 and 2 Peter 3:18, growing in grace. Grace means that God is with us. God wants to give us favor.  In the book of Esther, Esther was going through a time period of purification. Issue of the heart. God is preparing our hearts so that we could deeper into the presence of the Lord. Esther prepared herself and came into the royal court and became a queen. Esther used that favor for Kingdom purposes. God will take you from glory to glory. The power of fasting and prayer does work with the word of God. Pastor Pradeep encourages us to wait on God. He mentions that the Lord is with us. Genesis 22:9 was read from.  1) Place of order, examine yourself and walk in the Spirit. 2) Waiting on God, it deals with and attitude of change, John 5:193) The key, the Holy Spirit will come and overshadow you. Living in the overflow things don’t matter anymore. 1 King 19:19, be faithful where you are. 2 Kings 2:9, God will test us. God is releasing holy determination. Activation is happening as you are being ministered to. Pastor Pradeep gave a testimony about his wife being able to get pregnant.