Sunday June 10, 2018

Karen Burrows mentioned that you can choose, we have the choice today.  Karen read out of John 8:31. She mentioned that our experiences do not change the word of God. Experiences do not form the word of God. Experiences come and go. If you want more faith, then you need to get more word. What is inside of you is what will come out. Revelation 19:13, Father of faith is Abram who was then named Abraham being the Father of Many Nations. Karen mentioned that God honors our faith. 2 Peter 1:2, knowledge of  the word of God. He says “I  am, I is the healed”. Karen read from Numbers 13. Karen referenced John 5. She mentioned for us to get out of the murmuring and complaining because if you stay in that place, then the voice of God becomes faint. Karen encourages us to take our problems and look at it, we may even have to repent. Karen read out of 2 Corinthians 1:20. Go to the Father with His word. You got to know the word first so you know what and how to go to the Father with about your situation. Karen read out of Romans 4:2 and Romans 4:18. Declare God’s word, walk alongside Him. Get to a place where what Jesus says about you is greater! A person of faith is a person of gratitude. Look at what the word says and it is equivalent to being supreme.

Tithe Message (Jen Ropp)
The Lord God is our shield and protector. He wants to honor us,  1 Samuel 2:30.  Anyone that serves God, He will honor  them, John 12:26. There are multiple ways we can honor God. It can be through our mouth, our bodies, or with our money, Proverbs 3:9-10.