Sunday June 3, 2018

Priority is His family. When we pray we things will get better. Things will get better when holding family  (relationships, spouses) at great value. We inspite of not liking eachother very much and agreeing on everything. Kingdom currency equals relationships. The main target of the enemy are relationships. The enemy will try to bring division, divorce, or suspicion. However, when we huddle together like this (with other believers ), the enemy cannot divide. Us in unity will triumph, 1 Corinthians 12:4. No matter how many parts of the body, you are still connected as one body. Sometimes we try to take our own shots. The attitude of “I don’t need you, immaturity, or independence”. God has the final word. Labels (Greek, Jew) are set aside, it is not of importance. If the body was one eye, how can you hear? All parts Iif the body are nedded. It’s only because of what you are a part of is important. We are all on a journey of accepting others. Recognize how God has created each person. Moses felt responsible to fix the world. He lost self control and killed someone. Moses had low self-esteem.  He didn’t have the have the revelation of grace. Aaron tried to create a party to keep people happy. Saw’s was Paul (little one). Paul had the I don’t care attitude. Paul had a thorn in his side. (to become humble). Jacob, known as a rose bush, had productivity and maturity. Jacob had a sharp tongue (natural gift). Peter was know as a Palm tree. Peter had all the answers and confidence. He was a smooth talker. Peter had joy and had the ability to pull people in. Peter was also daring and learned from experience. Abraham was known as the pine tree(steady person) and avoided conflict. Abraham would do whatever was asked of him. A lot of people who are characterized as pines trees become spectators because they don’t know they have an opportunity. Every part of the body is important and are all needed to help encourage and guide others into their calling.