Persistent Intercession

Sunday March 18, 2018

Pastor Sydney gave an overview  of the difference between saying and praying. He read from John 16:23 (saying/requiring part) and John 14. We have to do something first, 1 Timothy 2:1. We don’t pray to Jesus, the angels, or to Saint Mary. We pray to the Father through Jesus Christ. 1) Intercession be made. 2) Luke 18:1, pray always and be conscious of His Spirit. Prayer is proper  and is a legal thing. God is not an unjust God.2) God will not delay to help us. God is looking for someone that  will take Him at His word. Pastor Sydney read from Luke 13:1. Repenting is our way out. Part of repentance is to judge yourself truthfully. We don’t want to reap the bad seed that had been planted. He took our harvest and gave us His (eternal life). Being an intercessor is where a person stands in the gap asking God for mercy instead of judgement. Pastor Sydney encourages us to allow ourselves to be an intercessor.