Saying vs Praying

Sunday March 11, 2018

Pastor Sydney read from Hebrews 10:19. What are you confessing? Promote or provoke love in someone. Act into accordance where our faith is. He mentioned that we live in a society that praises rebellion. Rebellion is never of God. When a person rebels he is under another’s authority and he would be rebelling against their authority. Use the word resist instead. Pastor Sydney mentioned that prayer and faith have to be grounded. You have to know the Will of God. We have the desire but, no  faith. Stir yourself up first and then pray. John 14:13, we are not demanding God. We demand for the situation to change. Praying and say are two different things. Pastor Sydney read from Matthew 10:21 and Acts 3, if God gave you the authority, you can’t put it back onto Him.